I used to cycle a lot when I was a kid, but since college and beyond I (mostly) lost the habit. I miss it. So, I recently bought a fixie road bike. I love the idea of fixed speed bikes due the simplicity (no gears). I view that as a most welcome constraint. Obviously, hills will be more difficult. I do need the exercise.

Some things about my life so far

Some random things about my journey so far. Take from it what you will, feel free to discard the rest.

I’m from Portsmouth, UK.

What I love about where I live, it’s a wonderful mix of urban and rural, coast and land. Old and new. 

I love the South Downs, particularly East Sussex at the moment, and Dorset & the New Forest in the other direction, all within easy reach.

I have a funny fascination hot air ballooning. I’ve only been up twice but I loved it. 

Want to explore the UK by balloon/ camper van/ narrowboat someday.

Late spring is my favourite time of year, the birds are in full song and the days getting longer, weather good for bike rides and barbecues.

I love my family, good food, country walking and photography.

Before becoming a first time Dad, I worried about the lack of sleep and how I would cope. 

I didn’t need to worry.

Bought a piano.

Started playing again for the first time in years, just for fun.

Started thinking how I should focus my efforts over the next few years, towards doing something meaningful and fulfilling.

How can I best help others doing something I’m good at? 

Next 12 months, apart from the obvious, I want to spend more time outdoors, worry less, and contribute more.